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From the project management and installation of multi-functional EMC chambers for large technology organisations to full-scale commercial building maintenance contracts, Arcsus Engineering facilitates a full turnkey contracting solution.

A view of the door and inside of an anechoic EMC test chamber - Built and project managed by Arcsus Engineering

EMCAnechoic Chambers

Fully project managed from initial site visit to handover; our professional installation teams ensure premium build quality and shielding integrity. We also offer a maintenance programme ensuring the future longevity of the chamber.

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A team of engineers analyse construction drawings - Arcsus Engineering

Commercial &Domestic Construction

We take great pride in running projects both small and large, commercial, and domestic. As a principal contractor, we ensure our projects run on time, safely and engage with all other stakeholders through every step of the project.

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An engineer repairing a roof as part of building maintenance work - Arcsus Engineering


Both proactive and reactive in our approach to building maintenance, we undertake all aspects of repair works and continuity. Strict KPIs ensure a timely response to any incidents, minimising disruption to your premises.

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DBS &Advance Security

Some contracts we undertake require our employees to have a high-level security clearance. When our team works in the vicinity of the public, we also take safeguarding extremely seriously, so all our employees have had the relative security checks and enhanced DBS certification to work within controlled environments.

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Our Health & Safety App

Arcsus Engineering takes great pride in health and safety and its importance, especially within the construction and industrial industries. For this reason, we have designed an in-house app that monitors the activities of our engineers whilst on site. This data is then analysed and presented through the app, so all stakeholders can make assessments daily using the live data.

An example of the Arcsus Engineering health and safety app

The Arcsus Engineering health and safety app is designed specifically for ease of use.

With a simple to use process, engineers are more likely to utilise all aspects of the app.

Easily report incidents and near-misses.

Save time and reduce costs.

Engineers have direct access to essential site-related documentation.

View site induction videos.

A fully customisable HSE checklist.

Record incidents in real-time at the source.

Take pictures, videos and fully document witness statements to accurately record events.

Use evidence to support analysis and findings.

Help eliminate a delay in data, as incidents and observations are input directly at the source.


Conduct site audits and record findings directly using the app.

Help reduce paper waste and duplicate content.

Attached and upload files.

Data gathered from safety reports are uploaded and presented in a dashboard, giving a real-time overview of the site and workers.

Helps to identify areas in need of future improvement.

Generate reports after each project completion.